Making Your Front Door Pop

Make New French Patio Doors A Wise Addition For You And Your Cat

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As an owner of a cat, you’re likely interested in making some changes to your home that will appeal to both you and your beloved pet. If you’re interested in replacing the patio door, you may be curious about which choices are the best fit for homes with pets. Instead of a standard solid door or a glass siding door, consider choosing French patio doors that look beautiful with their attractive frames and still allow your cat to look outside. Read More»

Easy Vinyl Siding Cleaning Solutions

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If you have vinyl siding, it can become dirty or covered with mold or mildew, leaving your house looking less than desirable. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer or you simply don’t want to deal with renting one or hiring a professional to clean your siding, you can create your own cleaning solutions that work just as well and are more affordable. Here are some options that you can try on your own to help get your vinyl siding clean and looking as good as new. Read More»