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Doors Of Steel: 4 Advantages Of Having A Super-Strong, Bullet-Resistant Entrance

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Whether it's the door to your business or residence, nothing protects you like cold, hard steel. Particularly if you require the safety of a bullet-resistant entrance way, steel should be your top consideration. Don't just stop there, though, as these types of doors have much more to offer you than safety and protection. Even if you're on the fence about needing bullet resistance, why not cover as many bases as possible, all with one door?

1. The Benefits Of Bullet Resistance

Having a door resistant to bullets isn't just a ploy used in Hollywood movies where the bad guys shoot up every shop or house on the block, it's a viable tactic that can keep you and your assets safe from harm. Bullet resistance works for you in a number of ways:

  • Discouraging your place from being targeted.
  • Acting as a barrier between people inside and shooters outside.
  • Protecting isolated areas on your property, such as backdoors and side entrances, where criminals tend to lurk.
  • This type of door may help you land a lower rate on your insurance, depending on the circumstances.

2. The Ability To Last

Beyond the superior ability to protect people and property, steel doors built to stop bullets are also going to last for a long time. These doors should provide you peace of mind in both the long and short-term because they won't need replacement or much maintenance the way other materials might.

3. Resistance To Fire And Graffiti

If you live or work in an area prone to bullets flying, you're probably also in an area where graffiti is rampant, and steel can help you in this aspect, too. It's easier to clean up, including after local "artists" have taken their spray cans to your building. Additionally, steel doors provide an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire and that time can save lives and merchandise.

4. Looking As Good As They Perform

Steel doors can look plain and industrial, or they can actually provide your home or storefront with a little style. It's versatile and even when resistant to bullets from high-caliber rifles, will add a sleek look to the exterior of your building. There are various colors and textures to choose from, as well as some designs with added aesthetics and convenient automated features if you choose.

While there are other options with bullet resistant doors, such as glass and wood, steel has major advantages. It's about the toughest, roughest, and most durable type of door you can install, keeping your business or family well guarded against the outside world. For more information, contact a company like Guardian Security Structures.