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Installing A New Glass Door? Three Considerations Before Making Your Selection

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The door of a house bids welcome to family members and guests each time they enter the home. When the door also offers the beauty of sparkling glass, the welcoming feeling is even more intense and appreciated. If you are preparing to add a new glass door to your home to capture these benefits, consider these three things to choose a door that you will truly enjoy. 

Ensure Family Privacy

Adding glass to your home's entry way will add illuminating light to the home's interior, but it can also create privacy concerns for the family. To avoid this type of problem, consider choosing a door that features frosted glass instead of clear glass panes in the door. Homeowners who want maximum light, plus privacy can choose a door that also offers an arched radius transom above the front door or one that offers translucent glass in the main part of the door with clear glass panes along just the upper portion of the door.

Consider Potential Security Issues

When considering the addition of a glass door, many homeowners become worried about security issues due to concerns that a burglar might be able to easily break the glass panes and reach the door's locking mechanism. While this may be true for older doors that only have a single layer of glass, new door styles that offer double-paned glass is a much more secure choice.

Most door installation companies can also help homeowners choose decorative metal security grills to install on entry doors. When chosen well and installed correctly, the addition of this type of security feature will not only help make the home safer for the occupants, but also will help to protect the glass door from wind and pet damage.

Consider Sun Damage

Another issue that can happen when installing a glass door in an entryway that has previously had a solid door is the potential for sun damage to flooring or furnishings. If the door of the home is located where it will receive several hours of direct sunshine, homeowners can choose to add a decorative, protective fabric shade to the inside of the door to limit the amount of sun that can come into the home.

Another way to limit the potential for sun damage to the interior surfaces of your home without obstructing the view is to choose a glass door that comes with specially made glass panes capable of blocking much of the ultra-violet light that would otherwise enter the home.

For more information about security, privacy, or UV protection when considering the purchase of a new glass door, homeowners can speak with a glass door installation expert in their area.